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As anyone in the wedding industry knows, May and October are the most popular months for weddings, followed by April, September and November. However, we often get inquiries from wedding couples who plan to get married in winter – December, January. Last month, we gave a tour to a future groom whose fiancee is working overseas and the only month they can get married in 2016 was January.

However, barn wedding venues in Virginia generally do not have heating or A/C because we’re not allowed to have them installed. If we do, then we have to meet the full state building codes which requires installing sprinkler, additional fire exits, elevator (for two story barns like ours) for disabled, etc etc. It can get very complicated and, at the end, we would likely lose the beauty of an old rustic barn.

For one of our weddings in last March, we worked with a company called Temp Power. Temp Power provides temporary generator and heating services and is located in Manassas, not too far from Culpeper. After working with them, we were very impressed with their services, professionalism, and attention to details and we are proud to announce that we will be working together to provide heating going forward.

We’re excited about this new partnership. Colin is our point of contact at Temp Power. His contact information is on our vendors page. Please feel free to reach out to him with any questions and/or services regarding heating in the barn.


Chloe Shin

Chloe Shin

Chloe is the General Manager at Brandy Hill Farm and also the first bride to get married on the farm. Read how everything started in 2011 in this blog post written by Chloe's husband.

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