Creating Your Wedding Website

Considering a wedding website? I’m a big fan of them and have some tips to share about how you can easily create your own and what sort of information you want to be sure you’ve included!  

Photo: Green Wedding Shoes seems to be one of the first places couples look as they’re starting to get their bearings about the wedding planning process.  This is also one of the many sites that offers you the choice to create your own personalized wedding website for free.  I personally think it’s a great, handy tool for you guests and would encourage you to consider creating one- whether through The Knot or some of the other options I mention below.
I’m the kind of girl who has most details of my life crammed into my online calendar.  I like to have all of the information at my fingertips and a wedding website is a great way to offer that to your guests, a one-stop shop for all of the details from the wedding invitation PLUS all of those other details that you didn’t have room for.  I also think that with all of the details and logistics of a wedding, it never hurts to be a little redundant about the wedding details-  first on the invitation, then on the wedding website, followed by a welcome note at the hotel – so that guests can access the information readily and there’s no question about what the game plan is.
For our wedding, we knew from the start we wanted to use a wedding website for our guests. We took it a step further than just the basics of our wedding day and actually had all of our wedding guests RSVP through the site, saving us some money on postage and time organizing responses since they all were automatically entered into an online database.  We created an RSVP card but directed folks to our wedding website URL.  We took some time to consider the content we wanted to include on our site and the final list looked like this: ceremony place & time, reception place & time, info for our hotel wedding blocks – prices & contact info, info for our shuttle buses to/from the hotel and wedding – times & pick-up location, attire – we wanted to warn folks our ceremony was not only outdoors but on grass so they may want to dress warmly and keep in mind for the ladies’s shoes, RSVP form, links to our registries, and of course some fun stuff like the story of how we met and some great photos of us!  Guests want to feel informed and like to know what to expect and the wedding website is the perfect tool for this.  You might also include details about the members of your wedding party, plans for your honeymoon, directions to your venue(s), area attraction folks may enjoy while in town, etc.

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By day, my husband is a software developer and so he was able to build our website himself, but if you’re husband isn’t a computer geek 🙂 there are some really great options out there to allow even the most novice couples to create a user-friendly, beautiful site:
Of course, the wedding website is not only super helpful and informative, it’s just plain pretty and another opportunity to represent you as a couple and your wedding style. Happy planning!
Jennifer Moone

Jennifer Moone

Jennifer serves as a blogger at Brandy Hill Farm. She brings to this role a passion for all of the beautiful details of a rustic chic wedding. Read Jennifer's full bio here.

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