Farm Weddings Trend Spotter: String Lights

Today, we’re introducing a new feature on Brandy Hill Farm’s blog! We’ll be bringing you regular updates on the latest trends in rustic, DIY and farm wedding décor with our new ‘Trend Spotter’ posts! We’re excited to share the latest trends we’re seeing in beautiful décor that can help inspire and inform your wedding planning. Our ‘Trend Spotter’ posts will include loads of beautiful photos as well as practical advice for implementing these décor trends.

For our very first “Trend Spotter” post, we’re going to be focusing on an all important element: lighting! Specifically, string lights! The lighting you select for your wedding plays an important part in giving your venue a festive vibe, providing a warm glow to your photos and helping to set a tone for your big day.

Photo: Barn Wedding String Lights with Fabric Draping

String lights are versatile and affordable elements to add a special touch to your rustic farm wedding. They’re perfect for use indoor or out and you’ll love the twinkling starry sky feel they provide when you see the photos your photographer has captured. You can go as basic or complex for your string light set-up as you like. For my own wedding, I used a team of friends, a tall ladder and a staple gun to gently drape my globe string lights between each vertical beam in the barn where I held my wedding. They ran straight down the length of the interior of the barn on either side of our guests’ tables and then I did some extra draping around the dance floor to help define that space. I think my string light plan was pretty simple and affordable. I used these Philips globe lights from Target and with the floor plan from my venue, calculated how many strings of lights I’d need. I personally preferred the look of the globe lights, but you can achieve a great look with a more classic Christmas light look or could try something like a string of small lantern lights.

Photo: String Light Options

While searching for inspiration online, I not only came across these different styles of string lights, but I also saw a number of other options for hanging your string lights, including draping from tree to tree or wrapping around tree trunks, or, using fishing wire to create even more special effects with your lighting. I will leave you with some inspiration below for those of you considering your string light options and wish you happy planning!



Photo: Barn Wedding with Draped String Lights


Photo: Barn Wedding with Draped String Lights


Photo: String Lights Drape from Tree to Tree

Barn Wedding with String Lights

Photo: Ruffled Blog

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