Save the Date and Some Money!

Did you know that there’s some strategy to selecting the date for your wedding? And if you are flexible, you can really find some cost savings when you lock in the date with your wedding venue!

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As we were planning our wedding, we were flexible on the exact date we wanted to get married and had a range of months we were open to. We just knew from the beginning we wanted an evening wedding and we preferred a Saturday. However, we were open to seeing if we could find an evening date during a long holiday weekend or possibly even considering a Friday night too. In the end, we went traditional Saturday night in late October and it worked out perfectly for us!
However, if you have some flexibility with your wedding details, you can really save some money when it comes to your venue and possibly other vendors too!  First thing to know, and this probably doesn’t come as a surprise, is that many wedding venues book up quickly and when you get engaged,  you may be looking at wedding dates a year out. So once you’ve basked in the joy of your new engagement, get to work on a date as the first step!

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Here’s some ideas for you to consider:
  • Some would consider April through September as prime wedding season. Consider getting married “off season” during a month that’s a bit less popular for the wedding crowd and your venue may offer a significant savings for booking during that month! A snow-covered January farm wedding sounds beautiful 🙂


  • Saturday evening probably come in first as most popular day and time frame to get married.  Consider getting married on a Friday evening, a Saturday morning or sometime on a Sunday.  By considering a day and time frame that’s a bit less in demand, venues may vary their pricing accordingly.


  • Breakfast is your friend. To add to the point above, breakfast/brunch menus are much more affordable than dinner menus and if you consider a late morning affair, you’re sure to see some savings on your catering bill.  People, typically, drink less earlier in the day too 😉 which will help your bar tab.

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  • As a wedding guest, it’s not the most convenient to travel and stay out late partying on a weeknight, but as a bride and groom, it’s a really affordable idea to look at having your wedding on a weekday night. It’s rare, I admit, but if you’re having something smaller and intimate, consider an offbeat wedding day and you might get some savings through your venue.


  • Lastly, there’s also a chance to save if you’re booking last minute. If you’ve gotten engaged and don’t want to wait to get married, you can surely call up venues of interest, ask them what last minute dates they have available in the next 3 to 4 months and see if they might negotiate with you. In a time when dates are booked up a year in advance, venues may be eager to get your business for any open dates and can work with you.
This also may apply to vendors like DJs or photographers, particularly if you’re approaching them with an opportunity for some last minute business! All venues and vendors work differently so while these aren’t strict rules, they are some great ideas to get you started as you’re looking to save the date and lower your costs!


Jennifer Moone

Jennifer Moone

Jennifer serves as a blogger at Brandy Hill Farm. She brings to this role a passion for all of the beautiful details of a rustic chic wedding. Read Jennifer's full bio here.

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