Looking for your rustic barn wedding venue?

So you’re searching for that perfect rustic barn wedding venue? You’re recently engaged – or soon to be! – and you’re scouting out spots for your upcoming wedding, AND can’t get enough of beautiful photographs of couples posed in front of a farm backdrop? We have some tips for you!


Photo: Brandy Hill Farm, Culpeper, Virginia

Photo: Brandy Hill Farm, Culpeper, Virginia

I remember as I was just getting started with my wedding planning, the list of tasks and timelines could feel overwhelming. Thankfully, spacing out the tasks and enlisting help makes it all doable! My first order of business was finding the perfect farm backdrop for my wedding portraits and that old rustic barn to host my guests for a night of dinner and dancing. I know firsthand that it can be a challenge to find your wedding space, especially if you have a specific vision in mind. Having just wrapped up this lovely process not too long ago, I can assure you that locking in your venue and wedding date is the first and biggest step on the road to your wedding day! And it all starts to take shape from there.

While challenging, the wedding venue search was still an incredibly fun step too. There are a lot of details, logistics and requirements to consider in finding the right fit for you. You will most likely want to see several venues in person in addition to the dozen or so emails (or maybe 30 in my case!) you send to inquire about a venue, availability, and the basics like fee, capacity, etc. Carving out time to get out and see the venues in person is very important though because you can really visualize the space fully decorated, how your event will flow, and see other key spots like the restrooms, bars, etc.

Once you sign a contract for your venue, a lot of other things start to fall into place more easily with your wedding. Obviously, you not only have your date locked in, but you have a better sense of how large your guest list can be, and what sort of needs you may have for floral arrangements (or not have if the venue has a lot of its own rustic charm and some decor included), and what, if any, rain plan you need to keep in mind.


Photo: Brandy Hill Farm, Culpeper, Virginia

If you’re interested in some of the top tools for finding that perfect venue, I can suggest the following sites that I found to be invaluable as I sorted through all of the venue options:


And you know, if you’re a Virginia bride in the market for the perfect rustic farm wedding venue, you will most certainly find Brandy Hill Farm listed online in many of these directories! We’re a beautiful, family-owned farm located in Culpeper, Virginia, just one hour away from Washington DC. Our farm features a vintage barn – perfect for brides in the DC metro area looking for a rustic chic wedding venue.We hope you’ll check us out and stay tuned for our next post about some of the top questions we had for our potential wedding venues as we started our search.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Jennifer Moone

Jennifer Moone

Jennifer serves as a blogger at Brandy Hill Farm. She brings to this role a passion for all of the beautiful details of a rustic chic wedding. Read Jennifer's full bio here.

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