20 Questions For Your Farm Wedding Venue Search

Happy Friday, folks and welcome to our first blog post of the month! It’s a beautiful June day and we’ve got perfect weekend weather on tap for strawberry picking, a vineyard visit, or even a beautiful Virginia farm wedding!

Stunning reception at a farm wedding venue.

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Without further delay, let’s get down to business today. The business of what exactly you may want to keep in mind as you’re researching, reaching out to and visiting potential farm wedding venues.

Here are my top 20 questions I asked when trying to narrow down which venues to visit and find the final contenders for the big day! This list below is just a suggestion of some of the items you’ll want to keep in mind during your farm wedding venue search!

The Very Basics

1. What dates is the venue available?
2. How many people does it seat?
3. What is the rental fee and required deposit amount?
4. Is the rental fee inclusive, or is there a separate ceremony fee?
5. How many hours of use does my rental fee cover and what is the cost to add additional hours?
6. Does the rental fee include any items like furniture, linens or use of on-site décor?
7. Does the rental fee include the help of an on-site wedding coordinator and if not, do you require we hire one? (During my search, I encountered some venues that offered a coordinator for day-of only, or some that did not but required you to hire one for the big day to make sure it all runs smoothly!)

A farm wedding venue with beautiful drapery.

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Honing In On the Details
8. Is a tent provided for outdoor receptions or would that need to be rented from an outside vendor?
9. Can we provide our own alcohol?
10. Is there a space for me and my bridesmaids to get ready on-site?
11. Can we have our ceremony either indoors or outdoors?
12. Is there a contingency plan and space for a last-minute forecast of rain if I’m planning for an outdoor event?
13. Are there separate spaces for my ceremony, cocktail hour and reception or how do we work with the space provided to create unique areas for each?
14. Do you have a floor plan with measurements of space?
15. Are there vendors I’m required to work with? (which isn’t a bad thing at all! these people will already know the space and the requirements and can make your wedding run like clockwork, if so.)
16. What time(s) do I have access to the venue for my wedding weekend including: rehearsal the day before, set-up by your team for day-of and breakdown that evening or the next morning?
17. Is a dance floor included or does it need to be rented? (I found some spaces that required rental of one, some that gave me the option, and plenty that included them).

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The Nitty Gritty
18. Do you have any restrictions concerning candles and ensuring flames are kept enclosed?
19. What will your staff handle beyond basic venue management role? Placing table numbers and arranging seating cards? Helping to direct guests? Or, is staffing primarily outsourced to the caterer or event planner?
20. Are there any restrictions with hanging or attaching our décor? For example, staple gun into wooden beams for string lights or hanging chandeliers?

Have a great weekend!


Jennifer Moone

Jennifer Moone

Jennifer serves as a blogger at Brandy Hill Farm. She brings to this role a passion for all of the beautiful details of a rustic chic wedding. Read Jennifer's full bio here.

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