DIY Tutorial: Bride & Groom Mason Jars

We’re bringing you something special today: a DIY tutorial! It’s those personal touches that really add to a wedding and this is a super quick and easy project you can tackle that won’t add too much to your load of wedding planning. We’re going to be making some special mason jar drinking glasses for the bride and groom! A fun little addition that’ll look great in your wedding photos and will give the lovely couple distinctive drinkware for the big day!

Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Mason Jars

First, let’s start with the supplies you’ll need to make this project:

Photo: Supplies

-2 mason drinking jars of any style you like
-paint brush
-chalkboard paint
-white chalk marker
-2 wooden flag shapes (purchased from Michael’s craft store for less than $1)
-crazy glue (not pictured)
-scissors (not pictured)

And, here’s the easy instructions to create your very own drinkware for your wedding day to compliment any rustic chic wedding:

1. Start by painting your wooden shapes with the chalkboard paint, being sure to get a smooth coat on the front, back and sides.

2. While your wooden pieces dry, cut a good length of twine and loop it around the mouth of your mason jar 3 times, leaving some length on the remaining two ends.

3. The chalkboard paint dries pretty quickly so then it’s time for you to get artsy. I chose “Mr.” and “Mrs.”, but you could also write “Bride” and “Groom” or even the couple’s names, using your white chalk marker. I wrote with a basic script and then added some decorative accents.

4. The wooden shapes I purchased came pre-drilled with two holes on each piece that allowed me to easily thread the twine ends through each hole front to back.

5. I then tied those twine tails into tight knots to keep the wooden piece in place and snipped off the remaining twine and dotted the knot with some crazy glue to keep it very secure.

6. Twalah! You’ve got adorable mason jar drinking glasses for your reception or cocktail hour!


I just made this project actually for my sister-in-law’s upcoming October wedding and am so excited to surprise her with this little gift!



Jennifer Moone

Jennifer Moone

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