Setting the Stage with your Ceremony Space

I have seen so many beautiful, outside the box ceremony set-ups lately that I’m loving. If you’re getting married in a more traditional setting like your house of worship, filling it with flowers will help to elevate the space for your big day. But, if you have the opportunity to get a little more creative with your ceremony space, I have some ideas for you!

Whether inside a barn, out in a field, atop a mountain, I’ve seen some stunning ceremony spaces that not only provide a gorgeous backdrop for photos, but also really help to set the tone of your wedding.

Photo: Nikki Kauzlarich Photography

Personally, we really wanted to make the outdoor ceremony work if at all possible, so when the day arrived and it was a VERY breezy mid-60s, we made it happen. Our ceremony took place in a large field at our farm wedding venue. We were married under a traditional Jewish canopy, the chuppah, which we constructed ourselves out of white aspen tree poles, vintage lace for the top, and our florist worked her magic with beautiful florals for the corners. I really wanted to bring my vintage chic décor from the reception area outside to my ceremony space, so I found a little writing desk that I refinished with a white shabby chic look. I set that up at the start of the seating area, with a vintage type writer and our guest book. Given the chilly fall weather, I also purchased a vintage suitcase and filled it with grey pashmina shawls with a little sign to encourage the ladies to take one to keep warm. Lastly, I wanted to add another little vignette to balance out the look, so I stacked a few wooden crates on the ground beside the desk, and topped it with a mason jar of flowers and an adorable little teal vintage fan. I love the look we achieved, with fairly minimal investment- as many things were found, borrowed or created ourselves. Here’s the end product:


Photo: Nikki Kauzlarich Photography


Photo: Nikki Kauzlarich Photography

Thinking about what tone you want to set with your ceremony and how you might get creative, grab a couple of friends or family and sketch out a game plan or plan a DIY day and make your ceremony space come to life with beautiful, personal touches. Here are a few ideas I love:

This is so dreamy. Beautiful rustic doors draped with flowers-


This would admittedly be a lot of work to curate a collection and transport it to the ceremony, but mix and match vintage seating? Swoon!



Let’s talk fabric draping, billowing softly and contrasting with the outdoor setting-




It’s all in the lighting; string lights or glowing lanterns-



An outdoor chandelier is always a good idea-


And lastly, what’s a party without streamers? Upscale, flowy beautiful streamers-




Jennifer Moone

Jennifer Moone

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