Two New Additions to Preferred Vendors

Are you enjoying this beautiful weather? The fall is here and the wedding season has picked up. We at Brandy Hill Farm have been extremely busy for past couple of weeks. Couples are tying their knot at Brandy Hill Farm every weekend and we are very excited to be part of their special day.

It also means that we’ve had opportunities to work with many different vendors – all great vendors that I think will help make your dream wedding come true.

However, there are some vendors that go above and beyond in providing quality services and on a consistent manner. I’d like to emphasize “consistent” because these are vendors that repeatedly come back to our farm and always provide top quality services with smile on their face. Working with these vendors is a joy and I cannot recommend them enough. And we’d like to recognize them by adding them to our preferred vendor list.

This time around, we are adding two new vendors to our preferred vendor list because they have repeatedly come back to our farm to provide services and have consistently shown quality and dedication with their work. I am confident that they will continue to provide great services and highly recommend them along with existing vendors we have on our preferred vendor list.


Clearwater Catering

Clearwater Grill & Catering provides catering services and their food is delicious! They have friendly staff members and Nathan, the catering coordinator, has been a joy to work with. I’m confident that they will meet your catering needs and more.

Stephanie Young at Forever Young Photography is another vendor that I’ve had a pleasure to work with and she is from Culpeper as well.

I look forward to continuing to work with Nathan and Stephanie in coming months and years.


Chloe Shin

Chloe Shin

Chloe is the General Manager at Brandy Hill Farm and also the first bride to get married on the farm. Read how everything started in 2011 in this blog post written by Chloe's husband.

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